I have an opportunity to teach fitness classes, give lunch and learns and provide workshops into a corporate fitness space. I work with one of the tenants currently. The Propery management is updating the space into a larger fitness center. I asked if I could teach classes as a bonus to thier tentants. They want a propsal with how much I want to rent the space for. Does anyone have idea’s for propsal templates? Also, I was wondering how much I would propose to that I would pay to rent the space? I was hoping to twist it around where I can ask to rent for a discounted rate or for free as a this is a desired service for their tenants. My idea would be giving 2 classes a day two days a week, 2 lunch and learns a month and time in the morning and evening for private training. Not sure what to pay for rent and also how I guarentee to get the minim amount of people in each class when I marketing classses to multiple compnaies. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!