Some clients do have unrealistic time frames for goals. I have a client who wants to make marked changes in her body in a month. We have worked together for a month already and she said that she feels like she just wants to run a lot to shed 10 lbs.
I have designed several workouts that target her legs, glutes and midsection. Most of the programs include weight lifting along with Tabata or HIIT cardio. She has limited equipment. The heaviest weights she has are 2 10 lb dumbbells. This I know will only get her so far with lower body transformation. She does have cellulite in her buttocks and thighs. She seems to have a tendency towards this as her mother did.
What would you recommend as far as a program for her in the coming month? I feel like she needs to hit the gym where she can do some leg presses/extensions and such with heavier weights and less reps to actually build muscle and not just depend on cardio for body changes. I think she needs to build muscle first and do some cardio at the same time.
I am afraid that if she does heavier lifting and cardio at the same time or at least on the same day, that she will compromise muscle growth.