I lost over 100 pounds however I am not at my goal of 130 lean muscle. I am still in works on that and I am enjoying the journey and learning more things about my body and how nutrition plays a major part. I goal is to compete Figure Pro. I will do it because I am determine. Everyone I’ve shared nutrition and weights and exercise regime with encourage me to become a personal trainer. I’ve been stewing it over for a long time and decided it would be most rewarding to do what I enjoy doing to maintain my healthy lifestyle and helping others while I do it. I just don’t know how should I go about breaking into the fitness industry. do I focus on the personal trainer certificates and then market myself or go back to school and get a BS in health fitness and then tap into the cert on to building a business for myself. I already know I want to have my own studio and not work at a gym but I will do it part time to learn the business before I go strong on my own. Any and all suggestion and advice is most welcome.