Question asked by Kirkland Shephard 1456 days ago

I am the owner of a private training fitness company in New York City. Where do I post a hiring ad?


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Answered by Jason Davis 1456 days ago
Hi Chas,

We will be launching a job board on in early November. Stay tuned!

Jason Davis
IDEA Health & Fitness Association
Answered by NatalieSmith NAPS 2 B Fit 1451 days ago
Hello Kirkland Shephard,
Thank you for this question; good to know, Jason, thanks. In the meantime, I would ask your question periodically to fill the position needed, here on the Answers/Questions.
Take care,
Natalie aka NAPS 2 B Fit.
Answered by Martin Petrofes 1449 days ago
You might want to try to recruit directly. You can search for trainers in your area in here and contact them through their profile.

You can look over their profile as a sort of pre-interview. And if they are not interested, they may know someone that is.
Answered by Edward Kotwica 1432 days ago
I like Natalie's and Martin's answers. I'm looking for a job; could you tell me some basics such as number of clients a trainer would be working with as well as the typical profile? Additionally, as you know, other questions would include compensation, benefits and scheduling.
Answered by Jason Davis 1240 days ago
Hi Kirkland,

Just a heads up that IDEA now has a job board! You can access it here:

All my Best,


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