Question asked by Teresa Fortunato-O'mara 2917 days ago

I am looking for an article to justify why you shouldn't use weights in an indoor cycling class.

We have an instructor who is using weights during his indoor cycling class and I'd like to educate him as to why that is not safe or appropriate.


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Answered by Debbie Russell 2917 days ago
I found this article for you hoping this will help

While I was looking for it I came across a video of such a class on this blog

Looks like there are spinning classes that are also incorporating resistance bands too!

Let's hope you can educate this instructor before someone gets hurt!!
I'm assuming the reason its hard to find articles about this method is because its simply dangerous at a common-sense-type level, so no one is doing it. You'll notice that the articles you do find are on personal blogs and not in journals.

What if someone doesn't have the dynamic stability and falls of the bike? Drops a weight on the wheel or foot? Slips off a pedal? They're going to get hurt.

Any instructor at any level with any education at any respectable facility knows that safety comes first, and will always remain the top priority.
Answered by Shawn Fears 2911 days ago
Idea had an article a couple of years ago about it. Try a search there.
Answered by Jill Brown 2376 days ago
I remember reading a blog by Jennifer Sage where mentioned it. Do a search and I'm sure you'll find it.
Answered by Nancy Korf 1270 days ago

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