This pull-up plan is for everything you fish out there. Maybe you can relate. You sink under the bar like a hooked carp, until your chin lightens accidentally with an urgent and ascending blow. There is a better way.

“Pullup is a great exercise because it targets multiple muscle groups at once: back, biceps, abs and forearms,” ÔÇïÔÇïsays Doug Sklar, Spartan SGX trainer and owner of PhilanthroFIT in New York City. “Therefore, it requires an important upper part of the body, the grip and the strength of the core.”

The four-step plan below will take your pathetic pullups to perfect. But it will not happen overnight, so take your time. Trust us, it will be worth it. “There is something mentally powerful about pulling pullups,” says Sklar. “You will feel as if nothing could sustain you.”

To improve your strength and pull-up potential, Sklar recommends assisted pullups, either with a partner or band. “For beginners, the assistance bands are a great tool to help you progress to do a full pull-up on your own,” he says. “Some people have the strength to momentarily keep their chin above the bar, but they lack the strength to start a stop from a fully extended position.”

But bands are not just for beginners. Even experienced athletes can benefit, because the bands allow you to increase training volume and overcome your typical point of friction by improving endurance and muscle strength.

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