I’m a 20 year old female. I’m confused as to how to start my fitness journey. Last summer I was strength training w weight gain goal and made really nice “newbie” gains/before that I was always active….but some things happened in my life and I had to stop going to the gym and went into depression that’s almost lasted a year. During this time I havent moved almost literally despising any time I had to leave my apartment. Ive always been light on the scale for my height but I being sedentary just makes it worse. Im ready to get back in shape and healthy again.
This question may be elementary but out of shape is different for me bc I have chronic anemia from sc (never effected me until now) but I’m cleared to workout so long as I listen to my body….some days I feel like I can run a marathon others I feel light headed and dizzy after biking up one hill. Alls depends on my how my lifestyle is around that time

Side note: I’m already light on the scale for my height so I don’t want to lose weight….I want to start gaining at some point