Long story short. Had call center job I hated for 10 years. Discovered fitness, 8 years into that, got certified as a personal trainer.
Interviewed for a few jobs, never got hired. Decided to start training clients independently, in-home. Did tons of work and spent lots of money to get ready for that…

Fast forward a year or so…

Moved to new apartment, girlfriend and her child moved in. Started a new job in non-fitness field, close to doubling my income. Got engaged, supported the family because she is in school full time, planning wedding for several months.

I’ve put fitness on hold to take care of those other things. I still want to use my fitness knowledge to help people, and of course make more money for my family.

I currently work 4 days a week so I have time to train clients part-time.
I have the desire to this. I have the right personality and knowledge.
I know that I can be successful at this.

For some reason something is holding me back from making the final leap. I don’t know if it’s mental/psychological, or that I’m not as desperate as I was at my old job. I’ve considered even seeing a therapist. I want to get active again on the ideafit site, to get the gears turning again. I remember how passionate I was right when I got certified. I know I’m still the same person. I want to get back into PT. Any advice would be much appreciated.