So I’ll try to keep this clear as beat I can
How would you handle the situation described below?

Long term client A refers you another client (b)
Client b forgets your name to the person with whom they are greeted at your training facility
Client b offers the name of client a as a referrence in hopes of find the recommended trainer(you)
Greeter does not persue clarification but instead signs client b up with their training services.

You mention to greeter that you had been expecting client b to be stopping by and ask if they had seen any people looking for you. ? Client b’s name is offered to greeter incase they do come in … Greeter admits they are training client b but was a “mistake”.
Greeter promises their next new client to you as a apology
Greeter then receives a referred client (c) from b and their is no offer to hand them off to you. Or any client for that matter.
Both client b and c train 3x per week
What if any action would you take?