I have had a handful of clients over the past 3 years that I have worked with. I recently started working with a client who’s initial conversation compared to the gym facilities that I work at to a “third world country” and essentially stating that he can’t see him getting much use out of it. The past weeks there has been a rather nasty cold going through the building and we’ve been keeping up on the cleaning and sanitizing of the facility equipment and such. He has since come down with a cold that has put him out for a week. Next week we are closed due to building renovations, which I have offered an alternative area to workout at, to which he doesn’t like the idea of either. This morning I called to see how he was doing and was told that he called the night before to cancel today’s training as he was still not feeling well. He went on to express how many hoops he had to jump through in order to start working with, things like food logs, health history, interviewing, assessments, etc. Went on to say that we are really disorganized and that he could just find another trainer, because he is not impressed. He blames the staff for him having gotten sick which has impacted the time he has lost towards his goals. He stated he’s worked with many trainers, 12 years ago, and that things seem to have changed since he last worked out.
How do you deal with someone who comes in with a negative attitude and continues to run you and the establishment that you work for into the ground?