Stroke can come in different forms and types but basically, it is medically defined as a disorder when a blood flow in one part of your brain suddenly stops. Its other names include ÔÇÿbrain attack’ and medical experts label it as ÔÇÿcardio-vascular accident’ (CVA). Stroke usually happens to individuals in their old age but in the present times, younger age bracket are reviewed to suffer stroke.

Despite the almost flawless number of survivors, medical experts continue to give precautions for the prevention of stroke as it can be too dangerous. If a blood flow is stopped even for just a few seconds, the brain cannot circulate normally and distribute proper amounts of oxygen and blood to other parts of the body. Brain cells can die causing more severe damage.

Common effect of stroke is disability which can hinder their employability. It would also take time for stroke victims to recuperate given the amount of rehabilitation and medication needed. Some of the patients succumb to deep depression and negativities since most of them are not able to voice out their complaints.

In fear of further complications, many of the victims’ families also result to natural remedies and conventional medicine. The Peterson Group, a non-profit organization, researching and providing relevant information on alternative, complementary and integrative medicines, reports a great number of people using homeopathy to treat stroke and help patients recover from bouts of it.

Although many claim that the success of homeopathic treatments is mere placebo, it is still being considered as top treatment for stroke. The following are the different treatments for varieties of stroke symptoms (warning: some of which are not too conventional as people thinks. Expert’s guidance is highly advisable):

1. Opium

Although banned by many countries, opium has undeniably a lot of medical benefits, if taken with extra precaution. It can help stabilize pulse, regain consciousness and can even sometimes cure rigidity and paralysis.

2. Arnica

It is the remedy for soreness and aching all over the body, paralysis, especially on the left side, strong pulse and strenuous breathing.

3. Belladona

Belladona is mostly popular in culture-rich cities and is available anywhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore. It is used when the patient is unconscious, have convulsive symptoms, dilated pupils, involuntary emission of urine and difficult deglutition.

4. Aconite

Aconite is said to be the most effective homeopathic treatment for stroke. It stimulates adrenal gland which can help body repair swiftly.