Going straight, that’s what many of us do every day is a technical miracle under some people. However, the downside of all mobility is the extra strain on the spine, back and neck. If the natural cushion is found between compressed vertebrae, it usually leads to nerve compression, back pain, and motor impairment. Massage therapists, chiropractors, and chiropractic care are some of the common pathways used to search for relief. However, such treatments are expensive and often have temporary results.

Spine is an important part of the body that gravity affects the most. The plates located between the spinal vertebrae are always under pressure due to gravity pull down the spine. At the moment when the vertebrae are pulled down by gravity, the vertebrae force some of the fluid in the spill out to lead to a bulging disc. Swollen or swollen anus is a condition commonly associated with old age but can occur for people of all ages because of poor bone structure or strenuous work. An overhanging disk usually does not cause pain, but if the distance between discs is too limited, the pressure on the nerve leads to continuous pain from the lower back. Inverted tables are very effective in reducing spinal compression.
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