First off, I love the opportunity to ask questions to other professionals. It is so relieving to have this network. It is hard when I am the only one in my business and I have thought or ideas and not sure how to go about them them to come on here and ask. I have had great suggestions from other questions I asked in the past and took the feedback and incorporated it to my business. Here is the question.

I have a corporate deal potential. They don’t know if they will have a budget to pay for fitness services so it will be employees that want to participate in classes that might pay. I am used to going off the employers budget. I know I am gaureenteed my hourly pay when employer pays. I am not sure how to do it if the employee pays. For instance I want to make $75.00 that hour and charge $15.00 a person and only 3 show up then I am at a loss.

What are ways you charged employees to get your base rate? They might only start with one day a week. I am hoping to talk them into 2 days a week 2 hours a day. Classes will be during the lunch hour.

But they might want to start with 1 day a week for 1hour.

Feedback please.