Hi, I am 17 about to finish my junior year. I am taking classes at UTA next year, so I have access to their gym all summer. I really want to get back into shape. I worked out last summer but kinda slacked off this school year. I found a workout plan that will supposedly help me burn fat and build muscle. This is what I plan on using throughout the summer. http://www.menshealth.co.uk/building-muscle/get-big/burn-fat-build-muscl… The workout I can follow, but I don’t know about the meal plan. I know nutrients is important but since I live with my parents, I can only control my breakfast, snacks, and sometimes my lunch. If we go out of town I have little to no control. I almost never have control of my dinner. So I am just wondering how to go about this. What foods should I avoid and what foods should I lean toward. I want to stay healthy. And also what are good food choices when/if I go to fast food. Also wondering what/ if any supplements I should take. Protein shakes are an obvious choice I will use but should I use any others such as fish oil pills? I dont know. I have the workout plan, I am just unsure about my nutrition due to my lack of total control. Thanks!