I’m looking to acquire a 2,000 square foot personal training studio. 1000 square feet is on the first level and 1,000 square feet is on the second level. I just need some help on like what to have?

i.e. I know I need to have my own office, a bathroom (already included in the space) now should I get a separate room for changing? Any other specialty space you would recommend or you think would be good to have? I was thinking of having a changing room, but also make it the fitness assessment room.
99.9% of my clients normally come already change. So I was thinking about having the changing room/fitness assessment room.

I have over 30 clients, over 70% of them been with me for over 3 years. so I know nearly all 30 clients would follow me to the end of the earth. So super fancy I don’t think is needed. It’s more the quality of service and the results people get that brings them back.