Question asked by Shawn Fears 2861 days ago

How often do you post a new blog?

We all know that a blog is a useful tool in establishing ourselves as professionals in our industry, but how often do you post? Do you post on a specific schedule? Do you utilize holidays?


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Answered by LaRue Cook 2860 days ago
My answer to this one is simple - when I have something of quality to say :-) Blogs can be extremely useful, but we as bloggers shouldn't fool into thinking that quantity matters over quality - our readers can definitely tell the difference.

Answered by Karin Singleton 2860 days ago
I try to post two blogs a month with no particular schedule. I take my cues from things I see or read, and at times I even create a blog about personal matters.
Answered by Marlan Eller 2860 days ago
Not often enough!... That should be my resolution for the next year. At least one blog every month.
Answered by Melissa Rodriguez 2859 days ago
I aim for 1-2x a week on specific days so readers know when to expect a new post.
Answered by Scott Garan 2859 days ago
Almost daily, unless I am tied up such as on vacation. I simply feel it is part of the job to get info out!
I am with LaRue. If I think I really need to express something I believe to be quality info, I'll blog it. But, like Marlan stated... porbably not near enough.
My blogging has been sporadic at best. Probably 5 - 6 a month. I'd like it be a solid 2x's per week. I blog about my own personal training journey as a "new" mom trying to stay fit and creating a healthy lifestyle for my son to follow, whether it be in a new strength training program or training for a marathon. It helps me be real and personal with the readers. I have also started blogging more about nutrition...what effects different foods can have on the body, useful websites for more information, food and nutrition in the news, etc.
Answered by Marie DESROCHERS 2839 days ago
Not enough. As a new years resolution, I'd like to post once a week. We'll see how that goes.
Answered by Meghan Fidge 2836 days ago
I make sure I do about 6 posts a month from nutrition questions to exercises to fitness topics or news posts. That gets me a little under 2,000 hits a month. I than take the blog posts and put them on my facebook/twitter page. Its a great way to stay in touch w/clients and build up your "voice". It's also an awesome reference tool (including for you). Clients ask me questions and I send them to a pg on my blog.

Make sure you use key words and do consistent quality posts. That equals success!

Here's my blog:
Answered by Kurt Gillon 2813 days ago
I am trying to post a message at least once a day. Since some of my clients are following my blog and RSS feed, I want to keep fresh, informative, fun information out there.
Answered by Amber Prince 2786 days ago
I will post one to two times a month depending on what I have to say. I value quality over quantity. The purpose of the blog is to give my readers/clients useful information and tips about health and fitness as well as insights into the psychological aspect of lifestyle changes.
I've been there, Shawn! I'd go with twice a month as a minimum. Think of the rest as a bonus, and make sure the quality is there on every posting. I have 2 young kids of my own (3 1/2 & 1 1/2) & find that it's helpful to schedule alarms on my phone during naptime or after the kids' bedtime so I have no excuse not to get it done! I use holidays as topics of conversation all the time (post about sugar or candy on Easter, running on Marathon Day, turkey around Thanksgiving, beer on St Patty's Day). I'd try to post a few weeks to a few days before the holiday when the hype is highest. Good luck!
Hello Shawn,
Never.... I really don't see/feel the need to put my time in that direction.
Answered by Harris Sophocleous 2467 days ago
Hi Shawn,

Only when I have something to say...but I should be posting more often.

Hi Shawn,

I know it has been a while since you posted this question...did you find the answer you wanted or did you find a schedule that works for you?

I am definitely in agreement with LaRue. I want to provide quality over quantity even though SEO and Google prefer a few times a week at the very least for posting new content.

So to find a balance, I really dedicate some time to either researching any new or old gym industry idea, controversy, or promotion, a few times a week and then writing about how I would possibly handle the same situation if I was to implement it at my gym. Generally, although I might find a few good topics and spin off topics, I walk away with one post weekly if I try to find feedback in the fitness community.

I hope this helps and you found something that works for you!
Answered by Nancy Korf 1230 days ago
I haven't used my blog very much lately; I've been writing for others' blogs and featured several places with link-backs to my professional facebook, but the blog itself is a little lonely! My goal for the rest of the year is one post per month.
It depend on nice if the niche is competitive than you should post blogs as much as you can to be alive in the niche industry.
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