My Company has fired 30 Staff claiming that for 8000 members 82 persons were too many .Now we are 52 for 24 HOURS operation .They want me to reduce it to 48 .We are making 5 Million US Dollars Gross Revenue 52% Net Profit they now want 60 to 65% in squeezing 50% incentives of the Staff .I am not paying rent since we are in 5 Star Hotels but we are serving Hotel Guests for free in exchange of it .
Also they started Accrual of Accounting last month which slump the revenues by 50% .I need professional advices .Iam in desesperate situation after being one of the most successful person in this business in the Middle East for the last 12 years.I personally believe these changes are done for personal success jaloulousies .I really need your professional advices .MICHEL