Get up early & work out. Do a DVD at nap time. Run to the store, ride the bus home with milk eggs & bread. Do an extra 4 sets every time you have to go up or downstairs to fetch something. Bike commute instead of driving to work. Kid’s Club drop-off and a gym workout. Walk or run through the park while your child is participating in their sports practice.

I know, I know, I just listed a bunch of ideas, but I know you have MORE to share! And busy parents of young children need as many options as possible (not to mention the forethought of scheduling it into their day) to get it done consistently. Parents of young children are often sleep-deprived, scarf half-eaten graham crackers and eggies for their daily energy, and have to be “on” until the kiddos are in bed. A workout opportunity needs to be recognized and grasped at the drop of the hat. Let’s help them do that, because there’s always time. We just need to teach them how to grasp it.