Hi everyone, I’m developing a group fitness/circuit class for women aged 65-87. I’ve trained this population before, including the 87 year old, who is partially blind. I don’t think she is suitable to take the class because she really can’t see very well and would need a personal assistant; otherwise too much of my time will be drawn to her.

The class format is group warm-up, led by me, followed by partnering up for a circuit that consists of 8 stations/2 exercises each — done 2-3 times, ending with a group cool down. There isn’t enough equipment (barbells, etc) in this apartment gym to do it all as a group at the same time. Even when everyone can see, it still gets a bit chaotic as people figure out what exercise they’re doing and moving in the right direction.

Any words of wisdom on how to tell her I don’t think she’ll be able to do the class? Or, how would you handle it? Thanks.