8 years ago the NHS (bless their cotton socks) diagnosed me with IBS. They then proceeded to put me on a bunch of various exclusion diets (read – starvation diets) with no effect for my symptoms than to make me very sick and lose a lot of weight. By the time we got to the correct diagnosis 2 years later (coeliac disease, lactose intolerance and a couple of other randomly unconnected allergies) I had not just lost 15kg in weight but i’d effectively lost all my muscle tone.
My current weight is 48kg which I’m not entirely happy about but seem unable to put it back oh. I’m 5″8 and 28 years old. I’ve TRIED the gym but I have nothing to work with and all the personal trainers I’ve had (4) just seem to be geared towards body builders or those who want to lose weight. According to some machine in my local gym my body fat percentage is in single figures which I personally find a little hard to believe but I can assure you, its probably not much. So I tried eating more. I’m coeliac and lactose intolerant and those diets are not the easiest to cope with and I just found myself getting miserable and bloated because I was trying to eat more.
Any exercise now levels me and I hate going to the gym as 2 minutes running on the treadmill and really i’m about to collapse. I will not forcefeed myself to give myself fat to turn into muscle as its only going to give myself a bad relationship with food.
So, what options are available for me?