Hello all!
I recently passed my CPT exam and I am both excited and overwhelmed by options out there for someone just getting into the field. I got lucky because at my current job I work with people in a pool giving them workouts to improve balance, strength, and overall health. However, as much as I love my job in the future (I am calling it my five year plan) I hope to maybe open my own studio and offer classes etc. that way. I also have an addiction to trying to learn and be certified in various areas. I guess my big question is how did you decide which area you wanted to work in and how did you go about getting there? I currently feel pretty lucky knowing both an owner of a small gym and an owner of a studio in my area and I feel like I should get in with them. (It’s about who you know right?) What can I do to eventually work my way into both someone who is full of expertise in the field but also someone who runs a successful buiness?
(I should mention I am currently eight months pregnant and probably the only person who recieved their certification while six months pregnant. Not being able to just hop right in there right now is driving me crazy!!)