I recently obtained my ACSM CPT certification in an effort to gain experience while I’m still in school. I had just been hired at a local gym, and because other trainers there will be coaching sports I will be picking up some of their clients in their absence. As an aspiring strength and conditioning coach, I currently intern with a strength coach in my area who has been guiding and helping me prepare to sit for the CSCS exam. I decided to pursue personal training to become a better communicator, build relationships with those in my field, and pick up some verbal cues to help training of athletes and general population alike. Having said that, I was asked to train a client who I was told I can “do anything at all with”. With endless possibilities of workout structure and movement selection I’m having trouble deciding what direction I should go in. I have been leaning toward a total body circuit style workout with a cardiorespiratory fitness emphasis. Because the experience I have is with program design and instruction for athletic performance, I unsure as to what does and does not translate to the general population. Any advice for a beginner?