I recently got a pair of Core Flyte stability trainers. These are similar to gliding/sliding discs. The Core Flytes are triangular in shape with a circular pad on top in the center. There are three roller balls in the corners on the bottom. Besides using them to train stability/core muscles, I have been working on how I can use these to train every muscle group. And I like the way these move compared to regular sliders. I have also been intentional more abusive to these than I need to be, but the Core Flytes are holding up very well. I have used them on carpet, wood floors, concrete, asphalt, and tile. And on variety of walls, yes walls. There are exercises and movements that I have found work really well rolling these on a wall. These are kind of all-terrain gliders and the rollers are showing very little wear. I have used them one and two at a time under the hands, feet, knees, on my back, on my chest, and on my side. I like the way that these can be added into a lot of other exercises. So far the only limits that I have found to using these are my own strength and stability limitations.

So, do any of you have these? Are there exercises you have developed and would recommend? Have you found any interesting uses/variations for standard exercises using these? You can contact me through my website if you want to discuss the Core Flytes with me directly.


And I contacted the company and got a discount code you can use on their website www.flytefitness.com for 30% off – CORE30.