I have been searching for all-in-one professional personal training software including fitness/workout builder, scheduling, payment invoicing, mobile apps, etc. and in my search really only found amSTATZ, PT Distinction, PT Enhance, and after some digging, Virtuagym. I think Virtuagym looks awesome (it also includes a nutrition diary and food database app) and would be the best fit for me, but I have had a hard time finding any reviews for them from actual fitness professionals. Again, Virtuagym seems great, but I am looking at being locked in for 12 months if I decide to go forward with them, and want to be sure other pros are happy with it. Thank you for your help!
P.S. I have been using Trainerize (which only encompasses workout and fitness tracking features) and have tried amSTATZ, which didn’t work that well for me, and am ready for something else.