I do not own a studio. Some day, that’s a dream, but for now, I am coming up with creative ways to fund my equipment and training so that if I am ever ready to open a studio, I’ll have the education and equipment to do so. The gyms where I work do not have the equipment that i want, and aren’t going to buy it for me. The places where I work don’t pay for my training.

There is some equipment that I want, and it requires training. Total investment = $8,000ish, more than half of which is the education. I want to be early or first to market in my area so I’m not going to say what it is here.

My idea is this. If I do a kick-starter or other crowd funding campaign, I could earn the money to purchase the equipment and training. My “perks” for the levels of donation would be attendance at several special events for my clients, one-on-one training, and for very high donation amounts a set of the client’s own equipment. This allows me to get the training and equipment much sooner than trying to save for it. Normally, I save for things, but I want to be earlier in the market in this case.

Has anyone done this? Is there a better way of funding than kick-starter? I know there are several crowd funding sites…