i have been running an in home personal training business for almost 20 years. I see clients and I also have subcontractors who see cients under my company name. This particular client has been working with one of my trainers for 2.5 years and i have not raised his rates once. about 5 months ago he approached me about a reward for loyalty as a good customer who pays on time and is consistant. I told him I thought a loyalty program was a good idea and I would think about and I gave him a free t shirt. He sent me an email the other day asking if I had made a decision and would give him a discount. I am not sure how to handle this. I would like to keep his business and I can point out to him that we are providing a high quality service which he clearly likes and has been paying all along so why should we discount something which is ongoing. A tenant in a building would not get a discount when they renew there lease. Any thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.