I have owned this one particular gym for almost 3 years now. Although I have a gym maintenance fee clause in the membership contract, I have never enforced it…until now. Specifically the clause reads:

MAINTENANCE OF FACILITIES: The Club may be temporarily closed for periods of up to two (2) weeks each year for maintenance purposes. The Club reserves the right to add an annual facility maintenance charge of up to, but no greater than, the equivalent of one (1) month’s membership dues. If a Facility Maintenance Charge is implemented in the future, Member will be given a minimum of a sixty (60) day notice of the amount owed and due date. Member authorizes the Designated Billing Company to automatically draft this amount along with the Member’s regular membership dues.

Now, as I said I have never charged my members for this, however I have kept the gym in absolute superb condition (cleaning crew 2x a day, gym equipment always in great working order, new equipment every few months, fresh paint, new tanning beds, etc…) and I never close my 24 hour access gym!

Now this year with rising tax hikes for small business owners, higher payrolls and taxes for my employee, county taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes…I am thinking about implementing this clause but not in vain. I want to repaint the whole gym and get brand new equipment and overall give the gym a whole new fresh look for the spring time.

Now for the question directed for both gym members and personal trainers… how do you feel about “gym maintenance fees”? Do feel that they are necessary, a scam, or impartial?

Thank you in advance for your Insights!
Happy Friday.