Hi everyone, I’m considering becoming a Group Fitness Instructor and have been researching which governing body to take the test through (ACE, ACSM). I am interested in starting a career that’s healthy, flexible and allows me to schedule around my family. In considering this, I have also researched salary/hourly rates. It looks like the average hourly rate is $25.00/hour. So, according to my calculations, if I was interested in making $30,000/year, I would have to teach 3.5 classes per day. Calculations:

$625/$25 per class = 25 classes per week
25 classes per week = 3.5 classes per day

So my questions are this:

1. Is a Group Instructor paid per class/session?

2. Assuming the class is one hour, are instructors only paid for the actual hour teaching or is there time in front or back of the actual class hour for things like set up, clean up etc? If so, how many hours should I be calclating to be paid on per class? 1.5? 2?

3. My initial thought is 3.5 classes per day seems like a lot – or is it?

4. What is the definition of “group” – would training a class of five people justify a group or am I wandering off into the personal training side?

At this point, I’m wondering if getting the certification is even worth it. Would appreciate any and all thoughts and bits of advice. Thanks much!