The story goes like this….I worked teaching GEX Classes for Bally Total Fitness Hollywood for 11 years and I took a break of 2 years ……I wanted to teach in Gold’s Gym Hollywood since i had been a member for 13 years….So I went to the General Manager and asked her if I can talk to the GEX Manager to apply….SHE e mail in that moment to the ‘GUY” in charge telling me that i will receive an answer and that he will always came on Mondays to do Interviews…so I wait…and wait….till i thought “this is very unprofesional and weird ” not even receive a YES or NO from Gold’s Gym…..I could went and apply in Equinox but i decide to ask HER just one last time WHAT HAPPEN …..so THAT day she made this face of “REALLY”??? and in front of me he e e mail the guy again….. WELL next day the GEX Director FORWARD ME and answer ALOMG WITH the e mail the SHE first wrote to HIM……and QUOTE with my Request and my Resume of 30 years as Fitness Profesional SHE says to him…”BE CAREFUL he is a Trainer too”……THE Guy respond me that ” they had Enough Classes” and they don’t need more …..WHICH is kind of LIE since I a member of this gym and WELL CLASSES ARE NOT GREAT ……So Basically ALL MY MONEY and YEARS educating myself BEING a MASTER FITNESS INSTRUCTOR doesn’t COUNT any more to this Companies cause they are AFRAID of “US” taking them as a PRIVATE CLIENTS……I JUST WANTED to teach a Class or 2 CAUSE I LOVE TO TEACH…and I’m very GOOD at it….IT’S AN INSULT to TREAT “Fitness Professionals” as a DANGER…..and kind of MAKE NO SENSE spending so much money and years BEING OUTSTANDING and BE REJECTED this way….I had seen in the last 13 years the GROUP EX CLASSES in the Gyms in Hollywood being SO BAD and UNSAFE even in the best Brands cause they ELIMINATE the position of “G.Ex Directors” so NO ONE is looking and ON TOP GOOD GEX INSTRUCTORS are doomed if you are more TRAIN or QUALIFIED……Well THEIR LOST…….