I recently asked a question on what qualifications are required to set up a website giving workout advice and what legal ramifications could result from such a website. Since asking that question I have done some thinking and realized the real advice I want to give is on how to stay motivated at the gym. I am a seven-year fitness enthusiast who struggled with real motivation problems in his first year but eventually overcame them.

I know that giving workout advice specifically can lead to lawsuits if a reader ends up getting injured in some way. Can giving advice on how to stay motivated lead to similar lawsuits? The only scenario I could think of it doing so is if I gave the advice to ‘push yourself’ and then a reader pushed himself or herself and got injured. I would not be charging for the advice, but could imagine eventually looking to earn affiliate income through links to books on Amazon, supplementation websites, etc.

An example of the kind of article I would be writing would be the following: http://beginnergymworkouts.com/willpower-muscle/