Hi, I am looking to open a private training facility that is dedicated to independent trainers. I am doing research about independent trainers wants/needs/opinions. I basically want to get a feel for how much demand there is for my vision of a training facility.

The facility would be similar to strength and conditioning centers. I am still contemplating the size, but I would say around 1000 square feet. It would be equipped with racks (rogue yokes), barbells, iron, benches, rubber flooring, open space, Olympic dumbbells, various equipment for strength training, strongman, athletes, etc. It would be largely free-weight based. The payment structure I am contemplating is two separate monthly rates, a lower monthly rate for trainers training less than 15 sessions, and a higher monthly rate for 16+ sessions.

Onto the questions..

If you are currently renting space at a gym, what do you like, or dislike, about your current situation?

If you are a trainer searching for gym space to rent, what are you looking for in a training facility?

What do you believe is a fair price for rent, and do you like the idea of having two separate rates?

Would a gym with my equipment/setup be attractive and suit your needs? If not, what additions would you suggest? Keep in mind that the gym is more oriented for strength and conditioning.

Comments, criticisms, needs, advice, desires?

Thank you!