Most common ingredients of dietary supplements for weight loss INGREDIENT WORKS? IT IS SAFE? Conjugated Linoleic Acid (LAC) Betaglucans Caffeine Calcium Capsaicin Carnitine Raspberry Floraspringne Chitosan Cola (or cola nut) (see the section on Caffeine ) Coleus forskohlii Chrome Extract of green coffee beans White Beans / Bean Pod Fucoxanthin Garcinia Cambogia Glucomannan Guar gum Guaraní (see the section on Caffeine ) Hoodia African mango Mate (see the section on Caffeine ) Bitter orange Pyruvate Probiotics Green tea and green tea extract Vitamin D Yerba Mate (see the section on Caffeine ) Yohimbe Ephedra, a prohibited ingredient for dietary supplements Ephedra is a plant that contains substances that can stimulate the nervous system, increase the amount of energy the body burns, increase weight loss and decrease appetite.