Lower levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol (cholesterol & ldquo; bad & rdquo ;). Increases levels of adiponectin, a hormone that helps burn circulating fat. Adjuvant in weight control diets. Control of glucose and high blood cholesterol. Due to its fiber content it causes a decrease in appetite and a slight laxative effect. It helps to eliminate body fat and shape the silhouette. Combination of the purest green tea and robust coffee. Between them they increase thermogenesis by accelerating metabolism and promoting fat burning. Vegan capsule format for maximum comfort. Supplement associated with a low-calorie diet and adequate physical activity, is an effective adjunct to weight control and the prevention and treatment of obesity. The proven ways to lose weight are: eat healthy foods, reduce calories and stay physically active. However, it is not easy to make these lifestyle changes, and you may wonder if taking a dietary supplement would help you lose weight. This fact sheet describes what is known about the efficacy and safety of consumption of many of the common ingredients in dietary supplements for weight loss.