So this might be a controversial question and definitely a question with multiple sides to it, but as instructors what do you think about classes that market to all students? Classes that say modifications can be made and the class is suitable for all levels and abilities? Obviously, this can be a good thing because it promotes everything working out and not excluding people. But is it bad if a class is only marketed to certain types of abilities? Does anyone teach a class like this now? I’m thinking about teaching a cardio dance class that would include plyometrics. The class would include up/down movements things like Burpees, push-ups, ect. This obviously wouldn’t be suitable for all levels as a beginner fitness participant could get sick or could even get injured with that type of format. What are your thoughts as professionals? Sometimes I feel like whe in showing modifications in a dance fitness class I’m wasting time of advanced participants and vis versa. I’ve noticed all do a routine full out and my beginner doesn’t know what to do. Or I’ll show a modification first and then build from there and my advanced people are bored. I know we can’t please everyone 100% of the time, but in an age where time is limited and people want the best workout for their time would this concept work of having classes designed only for certain types of participants? Any feedback you have is appreciated!