Hi, I’ve been a lurker here for a while, it’s a great community with lots of useful insights and I eventually joined to ask a question!

I’m really confused on how one should build a client base, starting from scratch, working in a commercial gym, assuming you have to build your own client base without any help from the gym itself.

A lot of advices and suggestions I see take for granted you have already a base to start from, but what if your completely new to the world of personal training?

What are your best advices for a new trainer looking to build a client base relatively fast? Should I approach everyone and give free sessions? Should I ever try to sell my services or just be nice, help people and try to build relationship and trust hoping someone will eventually request personal training?

To sum it up: please, share your knowledge on, going back, everything you would do in the first weeks in a gym setting. I’m very very confused (and… terrified)!