I am working with a boutique company who partners with high rises here in Chicago and will work with clients in their high-rise fitness center or actual apartment. I have 2 hour long sessions with my first client next week, this client is not new to the company and has worked with two other trainers before (the trainers train others’ clients when one trainer isn’t available). I reached out to the main trainer but haven’t heard from yet and the other girl game me all the info she could but with this being my first client I want to be overly prepared.
The client is 72 and has a foot infection (no details) thus his whole workout is done from bed mainly laying on his back the whole time. He has some dumbbells and a variety of resistance bands. I’m told he moves through exercises quickly so to have a lot prepared but this is a very limited situation so I could use all the ideas I can get! Apparently he has money and wants to stay active but isn’t really concerned about weight loss (he’s somewhat overweight) or even mixing it up a lot. I’m assuming he likes the company since it seems he lives alone and trains 5 days a week. Any help is great, thank you in advance!