Question asked by Patricia Long 3009 days ago

Do you have your own blog? If so, what kinds of things do you post on it?


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Answered by LaRue Cook 3009 days ago
Hi Patricia. Yes, I do have my own blog. Since a great deal of my practice is with female athletes, I post copies of my articles, current research findings on sports conditioning, exercise advice related to sports conditioning for female athletes, and any "notices" of my coming events (such as special clinics or classes I am planning to teach, or other points of interest for females involved in sports).

Answered by Karin Singleton 3009 days ago
I have started using a blog for the first time in the framework of IDEA and now have a second one which is outside of IDEA but the content is the same as in IDEA. Prior to that, I had written for the blog of the facility with which I have an association.

I am very mindful of the fact that once 'stuff' is on the internet, it is in the public domain and represents me. My blogposts are related to my job as a personal trainer, and I make an effort to let people see 'me' as a person in it.

To be perfectly honest, I am ever so surprised when I see in my statistics that somebody actually takes the time to read it :-) I am very grateful to those readers.
Answered by Debbie Russell 3009 days ago
I've always wanted to start my own blog but I just don't have the time to get involved in blogging.

I do however use the IDEA blog as part of the FitnessConnect but mostly use that to post whatever articles I have written or popular workouts that I use.
Answered by Scott Garan 2891 days ago
I blog daily and try to come up with information that people can use. It can be on anything from training techniques to motivation. I think the important thing is that it can be of use to someone.

I just started my blog, with FitnessConnect. It's great to see that people actually read it:) It can be fun and demanding (my last post was early July!)

I write about stuff I think fitness professionals have in common i.e., our client relationships, why we got into the industry, etc...I don't have a plan; whatever inspires me....
Answered by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali 3009 days ago
Yes. I've written about Jack LaLanne, Kangoo Jumps, wellness coaching, a clinical condtion called costcochondritis. Although I haven't posted a blog for sometime now, I generally write when I am moved by a topic, relevant to this fitness industry that I believe needs more voices.
Answered by Shawn Fears 3008 days ago
Yes (but I haven't written in quite a while) on my IDEA page. I have written about the Wellness Wheel, TRX review, and Goal setting. I would love to spend more time on it but I don't feel I currently have enough time to properly give my attention to it.
Answered by Lisa Druxman 3008 days ago
Yes, I have for years. It's a great way to share ideas, tips and suggestions for clients. Often classes or sessions are so focused on exercise, that the blog is a nice way to share a little more of your personality and insight on various topics.

My topics usually revolve around pre or postnatal fitness or being a healthy role model.
I've been blogging since 2005 at, but I recently started a wellness blog called that's already gaining some traction thanks to the network I'd already built up as a writer on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I blog about mind-body, fitness, and wellness topics that help people with anxiety and depression -- and people who are just tired, stressed, and busy -- install healthy habits into their lives.

I've written on these topics for years for magazines like Women's Health and WebMD, so I'm excited that I can now write whatever I want, whenever I want to -- rather than having to pitch magazines and deal with the inevitable rejections. Loving it!
Because I am a gym owner and operator who also does software, I primarily blog about fitness business issues, promotions, controversial subjects, cleaning, marketing, sales, and tech stuff. I blog about anything that gym owners can face while in the state of business. I like to blog about new and old fitness subjects and see, theoretically, how they could be implemented at my current gym and how it would affect current business standards. IdeaFit is a great community for brainstorming and feedback for fitness subjects!
Yes we do!,

Motionsoft has a blog series titled "The Circuit". Our blog is a greatly entertaining and informative blog that we send out every week to owners, managers, and investors in gyms and health & fitness facilities, created by our team at Motionsoft to highlight insights on innovative management techniques and maximing your bottom line.

We write it in a humorous, opinion-column tone and our subjects range from "how to retain members" to "how to eye billing scams" to "what clubs can learn from Cinco de Mayo". It is written by Motionsoft EVP and Founder Hossein Noshirvani, and special guest bloggers.

The blog goes out every thursday. Feel free to check it out

Answered by Jonathan Glick 2223 days ago
I have a blog on both Ideafit and at my own website, mirror copies of each other.

My intention is to blog once per week for a "Workout of the Week," plus 1-2 weekly motivation quotes or quick tips, and a monthly longer article.

Unfortunately I go through spurts where I'm not able to get my posts up in a timely manner, so perhaps I should look at being more consistent! Like others have said, I think it's smart to have a minimum goal and keep that as a commitment, and then anything else is a bonus.

Answered by Nancy Korf 944 days ago
My poor little blog has been ignored lately. Thanks for the reminder to update!

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