Question asked by Gale Marchand 1855 days ago

do you have a board to post jobs?

Looking to post a good job on IDEA is this possible and where?


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Answered by Jason Davis 1238 days ago
Hi Gale!

Just a heads up that IDEA now has a job board! You can access it here:

All my Best,

Answered by Jason Davis 1854 days ago
Hi Gale,

Hang tight! We will be launching a job board in January.

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg 1854 days ago
I am so glad to hear that. A while back I had a colleague looking... they eventually did ok, but having a place where you know the pool looking are generally the ones who care a lot about training professionalism will benefit those in our community looking for work and those looking for people.

I wonder if there could also be a space where owners of clubs could post if they are interested in hearing when someone is in their area and could be available for a training or master class. It could be a cost effective way to spread expertise.... For example, the club could offer a small fee (it could be less than what one would expect, as one is not paying additional travel expenses), and the trainer/teacher could provide some of their expertise outside of their local area.
Answered by Harris Sophocleous 1854 days ago
Good to know Jason!

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