Hi, I have a 69-year-old female client whom I’ve just started working with. She wants to lose about 20 pounds, and tone and strengthen. While I understand that our hormone profile changes as we age, especially after menopause (and she’s had a hysterectomy), and the trim silhouette we had when we were younger, if at an ideal weight, can be more challenging to maintain. I get it.

Nonetheless, my client doesn’t want to do planks, push-ups, Russian twists or really anything on the floor to tighten her core. She also doesn’t want to do squats or lunges because she doesn’t want to aggravate her hip bursitis.

I’m a bit frustrated coming up with exercises to strengthen her core and back. She also says she knows what she needs to do to lose weight — it’s a portion control issue, she says — but have a feeling that she’s not up for problem solving her weight issue. Any suggestions for exercises or how to deal with her to maintain a positive client relationship. Thanks.