I own a small gym, in a tourist area. Most of my revenue in a year comes from the tourist. Oct.- Dec. are our slow months.The majority of the population is mostly active older adults, not to say I don’t have younger members. Obviously, we have been closed from the pandemic since March 12 & will not be able to reopen until June 1. Our Business as I said comes from many guests from hotels on vacation. The problem with that is the hotels can’t open until July 1. This is a major obstacle. I plan on possibly retiring in a year or so, so it leaves me with the question of is it worth trying to start up again on June? I would like to hold on to the gym and have someone run it, but since the facility could not support to pay someone full-time with benefits etc. I most likely would have to sell it. Heres what keeps recycling in my thoughts;

1. Are people going to come back since they are older and most likely fearful still of the virus?
2. If the hotels aren’t going to be open then my income will be lost.
3. What would you do in this situation and do you have suggestions on what to do?

My plan was to email or call most of my members and ask them if they plan on coming back in June & then try and weigh things against expenses and see if it would be worth it or not.

Thank you for reading this and maybe you could suggest something I can do that I have not thought of. One other thing, my husband, my partner as well is retiring after the summer and he doesn’t want to think about this business anymore or do all the maintenance that he does, and the books and says this is sign for me to realize this is the time to give it up! I have been an owner since 2006 and basically have ran the whole operation by myself with two part time desk employees and 10 instructors including myself. This pandemic has made me realize how it feels to be without the gym and stress free as well, not having to think everyday about whatever is related to operations, but I also would miss my people and would miss teaching even though I could just teach at another gym and call it day. Im very confused! Thank you and stay safe and well!

Melissa Answered question May 12, 2020