My sacrum has recently started “flipping” into an awkward rotation causing the entire pelvic bowl to sort of twist (if that makes any sense?!) and thusly creating some major imbalances, muscle spasms, etc etc… Its as if you held me by the hips (illiacus) and tipped one side down (anterior side rotates inferior, posterior rotates superior) while tilting the opposite side up (anterior side rotates superior, posterior goes inferior). I have been a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor, professional dancer & teacher trainer for many many years so I have tapped into all of my experience and resources, yet still having the recurring problem. Have been working with a massage therapist 1x week to get through the fascia and loosen the sacrum to get movement/bloodflow back into pelvis, but still… I am desperately seeking corrective exercises to help me stabilize this wonky pelvis!!!