I am helping with a local high school’s speed and strength program. I was notified a participating athlete (female; age 14-15?) with the speed and strength program was recently diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder. Actually, the mom of this athlete is one I am currently training. She discussed with us her daughter’s doctor recommended she avoids heavy lifting, long distance running, stretching for long periods of time (yoga), etc. She can still participate in speed and strength but has to use light weight and modified exercises.

Have you ever worked with someone who suffers from a connective tissue disorder? If so, what accommodations did you make with training your client? Any tips or advice that would help me with giving her a good experience with exercise at her young age would be appreciated.

Thank you!

joan Posted new comment July 14, 2020

I have a connective tissue disorder and I was never told any of that. I have been weight training, teaching exercise classes for 30+ years and have never had any issues. I sometimes wonder if its even true. To answer your question, I would just go by her doctors recommendations. Probably it is a good idea to get more information and more facts on the client and the symptoms she is experiencing. Hope this helps!