I’ve had a client (early 60’s) in my cardio and small group weight training class for a little more than 7 years. Once a week cardio. Once a week in my small group training, which is mostly bodyweight / TRX (not heavy lifting). She is height weight proportionate, but on the slender side of that. Gets almost 20,000 steps a day as she walks her dog and trains it for sport. I would consider her very active and strong at bodyweight movement.

Recently diagonsed with osteoporosis. She didn’t tell me her number, but she was shocked. I’m a little shocked, too.

I just attended a class on working with aging clients. The course materials didn’t really fit didn’t really fit this client, they were more for the non-exerciser just getting started with very light load. She’s active, and she’s been weight training. The advice I did like, and will ensure that I’m implementing every class, is to ensure that I’m working all around her hip for stability and strength.

I see her again on Monday in small-group. My instinct is to get her bone density info so I know a basic idea of her extent, get a doctor’s clearance before changing anything we’re doing, but propose lifting external loads more frequently and bodyweight training less frequently.

I would be grateful for any additional ideas.