Does anyone send out a new client orientation email / letter or have a blog or website entry that you send them to read before joining your class? I teach a small group personal training class that is not run in sessions. Anyone may join at any time. To better onboard my new attendees, I’m crafting a “for new clients” letter so that they know what to expect before jumping feet first into the pool.

Of course, the easiest thing would be to have a client do one on one training with me before folding into small-group, or to have small-group orientation sessions periodically and require that new members take the orientation before joining the class. Not everyone can afford me one on one, and I’ve run into trouble with orientation sessions because I can’t schedule them when I’m teaching, and some of my clients can only come when I’m teaching – ARGH! Hence the letter.

If you have a sample email or letter you’re willing to share, please do. I’ve already started writing my own and will not copy yours verbatim. I’m just hoping to see a few others’ to ensure I haven’t missed anything important.