I have been working with a 26Y.O female client since July and while she has gained a lot of strength (7 push ups to 25 for example!) and lost some inches, she’s only down 7 pounds since we’ve been working together.

She’s happy with the strength gains and all the changes she has felt in her body but we are both frustrated with the slow progress of actual weight loss. She is roughly 30lb overweight and where she;d like to be. I see her for 2 one-hour sessions a week doing full body resistance with some cardio bursts. I rotate between 3 types of sessions:
1. Heavy weights, low reps (6-8)
2. Lighter weights, higher reps (12-15)
3. Circuits (10 exercises working every major muscle with cardio thrown in, 1 minute each 3 times through)

On her own she does cardio intervals 30-45 minutes, up to an hour if she’s power walking steady state, and has at least 1 off day to recover. She’s been using FlexPro Meals (http://flexpromeals.com/) and goes out probably 1-2 times a week but is very conscious of what she eats when dining out, has a good grasp on portion control. The breakdown of her meal plan is as follows:
1300-1500 calories per day.
4-6oz protein per meal
2-4oz carbs per meal
1/2 cup of veggies per meal

25-35g protein per meal
20-40g carbs per meal
10-15g fat per meal

She’s had blood work done in the past 8 months with no abnormalities, although he has has sleep apnea she had surgery years ago for that but does have trouble sleeping for long periods of time.

I’d love other’s opinions and suggestions because she is doing so many things right I feel she should be losing faster. Could she not be getting enough calories? She doesn’t feel deprived but 1500 is low with the amount she is active.
Any thoughts are much appreciated!