Question asked by John Arenas 2971 days ago

Chocolate Milk as Post Workout Nutrition?

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on using chocolate milk as a means of post workout nutrition? Does anyone use it and what do you think about it?


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I read an article just last night in this months Oxygen magazine about milk as a post workout recovery drink. "The protein in cow's milk is highly effective in repairing muscle tissue damage. The key seems to be the unique combination of whey protein, which acts rapidly on the muscles to launch the recovery process, and the casein, a slower-acting protein that supports sustained recovery.""while milk does contain 12 grams of sugar per cup, the glycemic response is actually quite low" "try low fat chocolate mile when recovering from an intense series of workouts or if training twice daily. The extra carbs help replenish the depleted fuel (glycogen) stores in your muscles"
Personally, I use fat free milk. I don't like the protein powders, too much aritficial sweetners etc. When possible I want to use whole, clean foods for my nutrient sources.
Answered by Shawn Fears 2970 days ago
Its a great post workout treat...has simple sugars and whey protein and casein and is way cheaper than a shake per serving.
Answered by Jason Martuscello 2971 days ago
This is a partially biased answered considering two things I hate are chocolate and milk. However, I do not do much dairy but do not recommend for post workout nutrition. I would do a protein shake or eat whole foods.

-Difficult to digest
-High in saturated fat - Not a good saturated fat either (LCFA) difficult chain to break down

I would eat either whole foods which I personally prefer. However if you are really particular about feeding your muscles at a more rapid rate I would do a protein shake. Whey being the highest biological quality protein and very fast digesting.

Fuel the Movement,
Answered by Marlan Eller 2970 days ago
I can't give you a source on this, but I remember hearing it in my personal trainer class when I took it...

Supposedly one of the best things you can give yourself after a workout (besides a pat on the back) is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now... depending on what kind of bread and peanut butter and jelly you use, I would say that it may not be the best choice. However, I do think that a PBJ can definitely be a great, balanced, nutritious post-workout/recovery snack. (whole grain bread, reduced fat peanut butter or smart balance peanut butter, not sure about jelly I don't eat it).

As far as chocolate milk goes... Who knows. You would definitely get plenty of sugar from the chocolate syrup, but is that really the kind of sugar you want going into your body? I would say that you could go with a class of 0% milk with your healthy PBJ and no chocolate syrup and be ok. As long as we're not talking GOMAD diet here (yes, real diet- gallon of milk a day).

I'm not an RD, so I can't offer a recommendation.
Answered by Nichole Sargent 2970 days ago
I have to admit, as a marathon runner, I enjoy a cold glass of non-fat chocolate milk (no high fructose corn syrup - all natural chocolate instead) after my long runs - it's high in protein, and it sure hits the spot after 2 hours of running hard!
Answered by IDEA Health & Fitness Association 2970 days ago
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Answered by Anonymous 2970 days ago
I drink lowfat choclate miil before and after all my workouts.
Answered by Anonymous 2970 days ago
Milk, protein shakes, peanut-butter sandwich or anything works
depending on people's preferences.. Lot of people hate milk
or they just don't care for a shake.... Uffff! Whatever!!
It takes years to really figure out what really works for someone's
body depending of age & most importantly lifestyle.
Sounds crazy right? It really is a most complete post exercise meal.
Answered by Bryant Seton 2677 days ago
Id argue against it except for experienced lifters and athletes who require the fast uptake sugars and fats.

But for the average beginner, Id argue a healthier choice would be smarter. It'd reinforce the "Ive earned it" mentality. Good, but can be easily taken out of context.
Answered by Noel Vasquez 2122 days ago
The research I have seen supports Chocolate milk being one of the best post workout drinks. You may not always know what you are getting from the supplement industry in terms of quality. FDA does not monitor supplements. Even certified supplements are still harder for the body to absorb versus foods. I am a fan of supplements but a bigger fan of real foods.
Answered by Noel Vasquez 1974 days ago
Yes, it can be a great post workout drink to satisfy glycogen and protein. Lots of research to support it in the running and sports world
Answered by Jason Kozma 1648 days ago
You want protein and complex carbs, not simple carbs.
Interesting answers. I agree that it is a good source of carbs, simple sugar (lactose) important to repack glycogen, some protein and great taste! Just be sure to adequately post-exercise with water to facilitate the repacking of glycogen.

Take care.

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