Smoking and usage of tobacco has been proved to cause a host of diseases. Collaborated research has shown that smoking tobacco has potential harmful effects on the brain, lungs, heart and reproductive organs. Smoking affects people who don’t smoke; through second hand smoking. Another not-so-congenialeffect of smoking is its potent addictive nature; once hooked, kicking the habit is usually an uphill task for most individuals.

Teen smoking has always been a policy issue in many states.Parents and policy makers constantly oppose the sale and usage of cigarettes to teens and minors.Over the years, efforts to stop teen smoking have paid off, with teen smoking at 9.2% down from 36% in 1997. Howeverteen smoking is on the rise in popularity of battery operated inhalers with nicotine.

E-cigarettes were introduced in the market since they have nicotine but less harmful chemicals that are inherent in traditional cigarettes. They were meant to be an alternative for adult smokers who want to quit, but want do it in a gradual fashion. E-cigarettes are more popular than other nicotine products are, such as nicotine patches and gum.

Teens are wired to like new things, new devices, new cultures and ways of doing things. Hence the rebellious sales pitch in which e-cigarettes are marketed, attracts teens to these products. The internet just makes it easier for young kids to get their hands on electronic cigarettes.Some e-cigarettes may in fact not contain nicotine. E-cigarettes come in flavors such as Cherry Crush, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla and Butter Crunch while are very marketable to kids.

The battery powered cigarettes release the vapor over the lungs exposing it to a number of gases. Although extensive research on electronic battery-powered cigarettes hasn’t been conducted due to its infancy in the market,healthcare givers are skeptical that they are a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. The law is pretty clear on traditional cigarettes, with 42 states banning sales to minors, but electronic cigarette laws are quite sketchy. Even laws regulating traditional cigarette commercials and advertising do not apply to electronic cigarettes.

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