I know that this has been covered a bit but still have a few questions. I had a lenient cancellation policy but need to change it. I have one client I have had for almost 2 years. She pays 3 months up front. She had a n old injury that has been nagging her and she also has had vain surgery. She has been stressed out with work as well. I have been trying to work with her. My policy is if they cancel they have an opportunity to make it up in the time there paid term was set for. She schedules her dates 3 months in advance which she pay’s me for. She has had 4 make ups in one month already and then I said I woud be willing to give her 5 additional makups because she need to rest her injury.I said after this she does not get anymore make ups. I did this because she has been with me for 2 years. I wanted to help her out. So she sent me her new schedule with make ups in the schedule. I notice she put in there a month from now that she has work travel and need to make up those and another one I already told her that she couldn’t make up but for some reason she put it in the schedule I thinking hoping I would except it, In the end her make ups totaled 10 make ups. I told her we can only make up the 7 I agreed too. Which is a HUGE mistake on my part. I mentioned I am scheduling her sessions out an extra month that was not planned and. I told her that means I can’t schedule paying clients now because I am helping her out. She said that her next session sign up might be less because she need room for her if she needs to make up. So she typically schedules MWF. She said she will schedule WF friday for instance incase she needs to make up. I told her I will not be saving her time slot for M in case she has a make up. She didn’t understand that.

I am not sure hwo to handle this. Also, how do folks do auto pay with the credit card number? I usually only get paid my checks. I have had too many folks take advantage of my cancellation policy and need to do the credit card thing to charge for cancellations. How do you enter them in an auto pay? Is it with pay pal?

I also have another client that travels typically 3 weeks out the month. She usually pays for 10 sessions up front. She schedule when she knows her calender. I know she only has 8-9 available. I haven’t scheduled because that is her slot. When she does schedule with me it is 5 day’s in a row. Latley though her sessions haven’t been used 4 months later. She also had an injury from scuba diving and had frozen shoulder and could not work out. What do we do with these issues? How do you handle it when clients get injured and can work with you for a while? Do you make up those times they paid?

What do you do if you have to cancel if you are sick? I feel bad that we charge them for cancellation but what heppens if we cancel?

So long I am sorry but not sure how to not get taken advantage of anymore.