Both my son and myself are very interested in health and fitness but in the last couple of years I seem to have developed several different pains/injuries which have precluded me from doing as much exercise as I would like and we have read all the health books going and listened to various so called health professionals in the hope of finding some solutions or at the very least relief and are now more confused than ever as to whether it is diet, type of exercise, allergies etc. My son is at university doing his first degree at the moment in Chemistry and Mathematics with the intention of becoming a doctor ( Neurosurgeon) and we were discussing how it would be good to have a different perspective on health from a preventative aspect. we learned about the C.H.E.K institute about 2 years ago from a friend but never pursued it until now. My son wondered if it was something he could do either during his current course of study or maybe when he is on breaks for summer (4months) and so we are making the enquiry. if it is something we could do from a distance aspect I would also be very interested in doing it myself.