Last week find thesу recipe of protein pancakes – https://videobakery.net/pancakes-recipe/the-easiest-protein-pancakes-to-create-on-a-budget-am-i-a-wizard-8-weeks-out/

The recipe was a disaster but one question stuck in m head.

Can baking (pancakes, cookies, etc) coexist with ever day fitness?

At this site there are more strange baking recipes for fitness – https://videobakery.net/

So how do you think????

Answered question

I believe everything can co-exist with fitness (except for frankly destructive health habits). You can bake if you like but be careful with amount of sugar you consume, and frequency of cakes. I think that aslo online casino minimum deposit can be a part of your fitness life. Everything is great if it is normalized and in adequate quantity